"Thank you so much for everything. The kitchen is beautiful and we are so pleased with the quality of the cabinets. The installers were so great and detailed. I cannot say enough good things about the experience we had with all of you!"
- Trina and Terry Nevins

"OMG!!!!!! We could not be happier with the job that Premier Woodworking did for us. They were so helpful in every way possible and we now have our "Dream Kitchen". There is not one thing we would change."
- Pam and John

"Thank you for a beautiful kitchen. The expert design ideas have increased my usable space by probably 50%, using the same footprint as my old cabinets. I have an older home with not always straight walls. The install was very methodical. Attention to details throughout the process resulted in a beautiful end product. Changes or adjustments were dealt with eagerly. Thank you, Stuart, Paul, Carol, Edward and Scott. You were all a pleasure to work with. I hope to do another project in the future."
- Diane Campbell

"We first met Stuart at the Home and Garden show. We were very impressed with the quality of the cabinets and his innovative ideas. We enjoyed working with Stuart and Paul and they were very helpful in making. They did a wonderful job making and installing our beautiful kitchen and bathroom cabinets and we highly recommend them to anyone needing cabinets for their home."
- John and Barb Brubaker

"We can't be more pleased with our kitchen. It is absolutely beautiful and so functional at the same time. The craftsmanship is second to none. Stuart's knowledge and expertise helped us design a kitchen that fit our needs (and then some). Stuart and Paul and crew were all super to work with and provided us with a beautiful kitchen, laundry room and bathrooms. If you are considering a new kitchen, you owe it to yourself to choose Premiere Woodworking."

"The largest storage space in my kitchen was an awkward, crowded, inconvenient closet, with bi-fold doors. Stuart, and Premier Woodworking, turned it into beautiful cabinet, with large pull-out drawers that hold all of my large appliances, cookware, and a lot of food. Everything works perfectly, and he even did a great job matching the wood of our old cabinets. It was a Christmas present from my husband in 2011. It all still looks and works like new. It is all good!"
- Roy and Lynn Anderson

"I would just like to say that Premier Woodworking is top notch and is a step above the competition. I run a metal fabrication business and have had the opportunity to work with Premier Woodworking on a few projects. Combining wood and metal can sometimes be a challenge but with their ingenuity and savvy to details, the final product ends up looking superb. I would definitely recommend Premier Woodworking."
- Iron Man Metal Products

"I am very proud of all you good people at Premier. You installed our new cabinets over a year ago they are in excellent condition and as nice as when they were installed. Your the best."
- Dennis Andrus