Suspended Seating

Modernize your home with Suspended seating. Suspended seating adds elegance to your home with its appealing looks, giving your home a cleaner and more stream lined appearance, while its sturdy heavy-duty steel construction adds safety and function to your space. The suspended seats optimize your floor space by eliminating chair legs that can damage your floors, chairs and stools that can tip over, and constantly get in the way of cleaning. Not only that, but you will no longer have to push chairs back under the table or retrieve them from misplaced areas in the home.

Suspended seating can be used in both new and existing construction, and can be placed throughout your home: kitchen islands, dining room tables, wet bars, and office desks. They can also be placed in restaurants, schools, sports bars, commercial buildings, and recreational vehicles. Small kitchens and condos can also benefit from the space saving design that suspended seating offers.

There is an amazing selection of chair styles, shapes, colors, step and foot rails. Learn more about the styles and design options for suspended seating at