Finishes: Stain, Glaze, and Paint

We offer a wide variety of stains, both basic and custom, to create beautiful cabinetry for your home or business. Simple clear stains accentuate the grain of the wood and darker custom stains hide more of the grain but can create a rich striking finish. Glazes are added to accentuate the edge profiles of the doors and add depth. Also available is edge rubbing and distressing or commonly called antiquing, to give it old time charm. Our finishing team can create hundreds of amazing custom painted, glazed or stained finishes that can meet your heart’s desire.


This is a painted red color with a black glaze that can be applied to a variety of woods.


This stain is a medium red/brown tone that imitates the classic cherry look.

Spiced Walnut

This stain is in the red family and can be applied to a variety of woods. In this picture you are seeing a Knotty Walnut door.


This stain is a medium to dark red stain that makes any wood have a deep rich color.

Rich Red

This is the classic cherry color applied to a Clear Alder door.


This red/brown stain leans more toward the brown family tones and looks great in any home.


This is one of our most popular red colors because of the dark, rich look.


This has become one of our most popular dark brown colors, it looks great on Knotty Alder.

Matte White

This is a real clean white look without a lot of shine.


This is a brown family stain that has been real popular on Knotty Alder

Clear Natural

No stain is applied, just a clear lacquer that brings out the natural beauty of any type of wood.

Black Medium Rub

This is a black painted look with a medium rub making it look old and worn.

Black Light Rub

Black painted cabinet with a small amount of rub through.


Classic green finish with a Vandyke brown glaze and heavy distress.


This is a mixture of a fruit wood base that goes with almost any home.

4/1 Lyda

This is one of the most popular stains we have ever mixed up. It is a warm color that looks great in any home.