Under Cabinet

LED strip lights added under the upper cabinets provide wonderful illumination for work spaces and accents the backsplash. Our light strips are dimmable, providing soft light to find your way in the dark, or use them at their full strength to give extra illumination to your counters and workspace.

Strip Lighting

LED Strips run on a transformer and are hidden inside the cabinetry. The strips can be cut to length, so it’s made to fit inside, outside, or above. The allow us to be flexible to any space you desire extra lighting, whether you want above, interior, or under cabinet lighting, not to mention our under-counter lighting.

Motion Sensor

Motion lights can be added under the base cabinet, near the floor, adding safety to the area as the soft glow helps us find our way at night, without needing to turn on the glaring overhead lights.

Touch Switch

Touch switches turn on and off your lighting with the lightest touch of the finger. Touch switches have an added function, where if gently held down, they will dim and brighten your lights.