Lighting can add beautiful and functional illumination to your cabinetry, adding another layer to the design and providing ambiance to the atmosphere of the room. Lighting has been named the fourth dimension of furniture. Adding LED lighting to your cabinetry is not only practical, but spaces can be created, treasures can be accentuated, and work areas become highly functional.

There are a wide variety of components that can be used to create beauty and functionality within your home. Puck lights for accent lighting, motion detection lights, touch switches, dimmable devices, diffuser, track and multi-color transiting lights can all highlight your room with ease. Lights added under the countertop or under the base cabinet, near the floor, add safety. LED lights are designed with long-term reliability, flexibility, and functionality in mind.

We use products from companies that offer consistent color quality, maximum durability, energy efficiency and long term satisfaction. LED lights are available in a wide selection of warm and cool temperatures. Cool, warm, task, ambient, spotlighting and multi-color lights can add versatility and functionality to room lighting designs. All these options are available at the touch of a button or programmed in a controller to automatically come on.

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