Islands are a fabulous addition to any kitchen. They not only offer additional counter space to prepare food, but are a wonderful place for family and friends to gather around. They can also be used as a serving buffet for parties, or additional space to install your appliances or sink.
We love to design beautiful islands that make a kitchen more functional. One of our favorites is the Baking Island, adding many different features to make it conducive for baking. For example, a two stack drawer cabinet provides a place for storing baking products like flour and sugar, and the contents can be scooped directly from the drawer rather than lifting them out onto the counter!

Make your island a focal point in your kitchen by having it finished in different color or stain than the rest of your cabinets. From sleek and modern, to rustic farmhouse, there are numerous ways to design a functional yet beautiful island that will delight you for years to come.